Work with PAN

PAN North America thrives on the dedication and commitment of its staff, interns and volunteers. Join us and help advance alternatives to pesticides worldwide.

Employment opportunities

There are no paid positions currently open.

Intern or volunteer with PAN

We have openings for interns and volunteers at Pesticide Action Network! This page provides information on our program and volunteer and intern opportunities.

Why work with PAN?

Interns and volunteers work with PAN staff, conducting research, analysis and outreach for specific projects and campaigns. They carry out PAN’s mission of making the world a more healthy and just place by replacing pesticides with ecologically sound alternatives. Some concrete benefits include:

Experience in the nonprofit world

You gain experience in the day-to-day general operation of a non-governmental organization (NGO) and learn how advocacy, coalition-building, and organizational development is conducted.

Experience with pesticide-related issues

PAN works on the local, state, national and international levels in its efforts to reduce pesticide use and promote alternatives. You will learn about the scientific, political, social and economic issues that affect the regulation and release of pesticides into the environment.

Project guidance and support

You work closely with PAN staff on your project. Depending upon the nature of the project, you conduct library and web research, write up your results, assist with development tasks and help with campaigns on pesticides, policies, economics and/or alternative agriculture.

Receive college credit

We work with students who wish to receive college credit and faculty who wish to place students to provide an experience that meets academic requirements.

Flexible schedule

While we ask you for a specific time commitment, we can be flexible to meet individual scheduling needs.

Transportation stipend

Our office is conveniently located by the Powell Street BART and Muni stations. PAN reimburses local daily transportation costs for interns and some volunteers.


We are looking for people who share a commitment to environmental and social justice issues and a special interest in pesticide reform. We seek competent people who are self-motivated, willing to be flexible, capable of working independently, and can work in a team. Good writing and computer skills are desired; additional language skills are a plus. Some projects require a science or information technology background. We try to match your skills, experience, and interest with PAN program and campaign needs.

Types of Positions Available

PAN Volunteer

You can help PAN with its vital mission whether you're available regularly on an ongoing basis, or don’t have much time or can’t commit for regular hours or an extended period? If so, a PAN Volunteer position may be for you. We have opportunities for steady support in running our office if that fits your interest, or a number of smaller projects available that allow work as much or as little as you like, enabling you to fit a volunteer position into a busy schedule. If you've got extensive experience, we'd love to find a way for you to be of service. If you're just exploring nonprofit work or advocacy, you’ll find out what it’s like and gain valuable experience that could pave the way for a career. This opportunity is also open to volunteers who are looking for community service.

To apply, please submit a short cover letter telling us who you are and your interests, what you want from volunteering, as well as a resume. We accept volunteer applications on an ongoing basis.

Current Internships

Are you a student, looking to fulfill an internship requirement for course credit, or exploring a new field or career change? If so, a PAN Internship may be for you. See our open positions below. To apply, please follow the instructions given within each job description. We are accepting applications on an on-going basis. There is usually no stipend associated with an intern position; however, we do cover any local commuting costs.

We are currently recruiting for the following intern positions:

How to apply for a PAN Internship position

To apply, please submit the following:

  • Cover Letter including:
    • Why you want to work with PAN and what experience and/or skills you hope to gain
    • Your background, experience, and skills
    • Anticipated start/end dates
    • Number of hours you are available per week
    • A brief list of project topics or areas that interest you
  • Current resume
  • Brief writing sample (maximum 10 pages)
  • Two references (name, contact information, relationship)

Sponsored full-time volunteer programs

PAN has special relationships with a number of organizations who place volunteers in full-time, 1-2 year positions at non-profit service organizations like PAN. We have arrangements with the Brethren Volunteer Service, Mennonite Volunteer Service, and Lutheran Volunteer Corps. Participants in sponsored programs work full-time and are fully integrated into the PAN staff. The level of support varies depending on the program, but living expenses are covered for all programs. Individuals interested in participating through a Sponsored Program should contact the organization of interest directly.

Contacting Us

Please direct all communications to: Intern and Volunteer Coordinator at