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Beth Smoker

Beth Smoker
Policy Consultant

Beth Smoker is a food and agriculture policy consultant, focusing on creating and improving policies that promote a healthy, fair, and equitable food and farming system. Equipped with a Master’s degree in Food Systems and Society and a B.S. in Environmental Science, Beth assists NGOs in advancing their food and farming policy agendas. Humbled by a season farming in Arizona and New Mexico, she turned her career towards food and agriculture. Beth realizes the value of policy to transform our food and farming system by holding decisionmakers accountable to their constituents, ensuring a democratic process for all voices to be heard, and creating opportunities from perceived roadblocks. Beth has held contracts with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, helping them launch their Agroecology Knowledge Hub. Locally she works for the Sacramento Food Policy Council, focusing on connecting community members, NGOs, and policymakers to advance local policies. Beth also serves as Board President of a nonprofit, Alchemist Community Development Corporation, that focuses on community food access and food justice. With PAN, Beth co-coordinates the California Farmer Justice Collaborative, the California Food and Farming Network, and helped pass the California Farmer Equity Act.