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Emily Marquez
Feb 18, 2016
A new report by scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) reminds us that we have a lot to learn about the risks of exposure to multiple pesticides at a time. Hmmmm. "Exposure to multiple pesticides at a time" — isn't that what we face in the real world? Yes, it is. Read on. The researchers, who work with UCLA's Sustainable Technology & Policy Program, looked specifically at exposures to three fumigant pesticides: Telone (or 1,3-dichloropropene), chloropicrin, and metam sodium. Here's what they found: Some California residents are exposed to all three... Read More
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Lex Horan
Feb 18, 2016
What do you call it when the nation’s largest potato company, with strong ties to the pesticide industry, digs in its deep pockets to dodge accountability for its impacts on local communities? Here at PAN we call it “corporate capture” — the outsize influence that pesticide companies and other corporate powerholders in our food system have over the agencies that are meant to regulate them. Recently in Minnesota I’ve been watching potato giant RD Offutt (RDO) resort to a number of the most common moves from the corporate capture playbook. But I'm happy to report that I've also seen a... Read More
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Elizabeth Mpofu
Feb 09, 2016
From an Interview with Elizabeth Mpofu by Simone Adler Who we are fighting for is every single peasant farmer – more than 200 million – on the planet. People are eager to join hands in building a global voice. Transnational corporations are pushing policies in African countries for industrial farming and the use of GMO [genetically modified] seeds, while grabbing our land and [stealing] our natural resources.  No one should come and tell us how to produce food.  In Via Campesina, we believe in controlling our land and seeds and producing the healthy food that we want, the way we... Read More
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Linda Wells
Feb 04, 2016
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has just been signed by all twelve participating countries. But the massive and highly controversial trade agreement still has a long and rocky road ahead before it can go into effect. The deal must be ratified by Congress, whose leadership is increasingly opposed to letting the TPP become law. Meanwhile, the growing movement against the TPP even has presidential frontrunners in both parties criticizing aspects of the agreement, if not opposing the whole thing. Bad for farming President Obama continues to tout the agreement as one of his top... Read More
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Medha Chandra
Feb 03, 2016
What does it take to turn 75,000 hectares of farmland organic? Well, people in the state of Sikkim can now speak to that. A mountainous region in eastern India, Sikkim recently became the first state in that country to go fully organic. The Chief Minister of Sikkim announced this vision for the state's 290 square miles of agricultural land in 2003, in response to the serious environmental and health problems resulting from chemically intensive farming methods. A combination of political will, use of local farmer's traditional knowledge and the willingness to share technical know-how made... Read More
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Pesticide Actio...
Jan 28, 2016
More than 20 years after neonicotinoid pesticides hit the market, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released its first assessment of the impacts on honey bees. Looking at one neonic in isolation — Bayer's imidacloprid — the agency acknowledges some harm to bees. But it's still missing the big picture. EPA's assessment concludes that "imidacloprid potentially poses risk to hives when the pesticide comes in contact with certain crops that attract pollinators." The agency points specifically to citrus and cotton, where pesticide residues above EPA's acceptable level were... Read More
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Judy Hatcher
Jan 27, 2016
Last week I joined the PAN International family — or ohana, to use the Hawaiian phrase — in Honolulu to share, strategize and inspire one another. In this beautiful setting, people from 14 countries, including activists from the Hawaiian Islands, concluded by agreeing that “the fight to end the overuse of chemical pesticides…begins in Hawai’i and extends around the world.” The meeting capped the end of an inter-island Food Justice Summit, co-sponsored with Hawai’i Alliance for Progressive Action (HAPA). The tour featured four powerful women sharing their stories and struggles in the work for... Read More
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Margaret Reeves
Jan 13, 2016
Along with partners across the country, PAN is strongly opposing the recent raids and deportations of immigrant families from Central America. As you may have heard, these Department of Homeland Security (DHS) raids are taking place in communities across Texas, Georgia and North Carolina. And they represent the antithesis of the immigration reform we so urgently need. The raids also directly undermine our collective efforts to build a socially just, healthy and sustainable food system. For decades, our industrialized, pesticide-dependent food system has been propped up by policies ensuring... Read More
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