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Oct 04, 2018
In mid September, two large-scale climate events converged in the San Francisco Bay Area. Both were oriented around climate change and potential solutions, but the stakeholders involved and their visions for change were often quite different. The Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS), co-chaired by California’s Governor Jerry Brown, brought together many national & international actors on climate change, including industry representatives, civil society organizations, and United Nations agencies. Meanwhile, Solidarity to Solutions Week of Action (Sol2Sol) led with grassroots, place-based... Read More
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Kristin Schafer
Oct 03, 2018
Well if it wasn’t clear before, it’s crystal clear now. This administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) isn’t protecting children. Yes, that’s a harsh charge. And yes, EPA officials are denying it, loudly protesting that children’s health remains a top priority. But the agency’s recent actions very clearly indicate otherwise. What brain-harming pesticide? Last week, the administration appealed a recent court decision ordering EPA to (finally!) ban chlorpyrifos. In response to a legal challenge by PAN and our allies, the judges gave agency officials 60 days to ban this brain-... Read More
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Paul Towers
Sep 24, 2018
Rebuilding a fair and resilient farming system means giving voice to those who have often been left out. Historically underserved farmers are just that – historically and systematically shut out of financial resources, markets, and technical assistance, among other opportunities. A group of farmers and farm allies across California seeking to change that lent their voices to some events at the State Capitol last week. On September 17 and 18, farmers of color and farm allies gathered in Sacramento for a PAN-supported roster of activities as part of the California Farmer Justice Collaborative’... Read More
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Willa Childress
Sep 20, 2018
As the headlines of their corporate misdeeds pile up, the Monsanto name is becoming even more synonymous with shady dealings and the obfuscation of science, all at the expense of public health. Will the company’s recent mega-merger with fellow seed and pesticide giant Bayer erase Monsanto’s track record? Bayer seems to think so, as they made the decision to drop the Monsanto name completely post-merger. But we’re not too worried. Monsanto in the spotlight After decades spent dodging regulators and burying scientific findings that could hurt their profits, Monsanto is finally facing their... Read More
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Paola Diaz
Sep 20, 2018
This week, the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) officially announced their hiring of the new Farm Equity Advisor (FEA), a position now filled by Thea Rittenhouse. The creation of this position was one of the main pieces included in the Farmer Equity Act of 2017 (AB 1348) — legislation proposed by the farmer and farmer-advocate group, the California Farmer Justice Collaborative (CFJC). As the threat of climate change sits at the forefront of our collective attention, sustainability has become a necessity for responsible action. The movement for farmer equity in California... Read More
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Kristin Schafer
Sep 04, 2018
Congress is taking up the Farm Bill again this week, and many issues key to our food and agriculture system are on the table — including how we deal with pesticides. Earlier this summer, the Senate passed its version of the 2018 Farm Bill. While flawed, the Senate bill was much better than the widely-criticized House version of the bill, which narrowly passed a week prior. A small group of Senators and Representatives are now faced with the task of aligning the wildly different versions of this national legislation. No false tradeoffs, please PAN joins hundreds of groups across the... Read More
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Adam Vega
Aug 28, 2018
Adam Vega is a community organizer with Californians for Pesticide Reform. In this blog, he shares his experience living in the agricultural community of Ventura County, California, where pesticide use is high, children and farmworkers are at risk, and community members are stepping up to take action together. I am very fortunate to call California — Ventura County specifically — home. The Golden State hosts more than 25 million acres of farmland, and many Californians live in communities nestled alongside these vast expanses of agriculture. Ventura County’s unique Mediterranean microclimate... Read More
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Moretta Browne
Aug 23, 2018
Members of the California Farmer Justice Collaborative (CFJC) have been hard at work putting issues of farmer justice in front of local policymakers in California. In fact, earlier this month, CFJC members had a powerhouse meeting with California Assemblymember Robert Bonta and members of State Senator Nancy Skinner’s staff to discuss next steps for farmer justice in California. Justice for farmers The California Farmer Justice Collaborative is a collective of organizations working toward equity with and for historically underserved farmers in California. Some local players include... Read More
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