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Willa Childress
Apr 18, 2019
In April, hundreds of Minnesotans gathered at the state capitol for the annual “Water Action Day,” where constituents meet with legislators on a range of issues that affect clean water. On the short list? Local control over pesticides. Preemption — when one level of government trumps the laws passed by another — has become a focal point for community organizing across social movements. From sanctuary cities to minimum wage laws, many of the policies we hear about in 2019 tie closely to preemption — whether it’s the federal government preempting state laws, or the state preempting... Read More
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Pesticide Actio...
Apr 17, 2019
In 1982, the luster of the “Green Revolution” was beginning to fade. The promised increases in yields from “miracle” hybrid grains that required high inputs of water, chemical fertilizers and pesticides had failed to appear. The global pesticide trade, however, was thriving — yielding dramatic profits for chemical corporations as farmers were lured onto a dangerous pesticide treadmill. The "Circle of Poison" was a growing global concern, as pesticides banned in some countries were exported to others, only to return as health-harming residues on food imports. That was the world when PAN... Read More
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Emily Summerlin
Apr 03, 2019
Last month, an undercover investigation by the Humane Society of the United States revealed that Corteva Agriscience had been force-feeding agricultural chemicals to three dozen beagles in a yearlong study on a fungicide’s toxicity. The beagles were slated for euthanization at the completion of the study, after suffering for months. The dogs were kept in stainless steel cages and were force-fed the fungicide, Adavelt,  up to four times daily. Corteva’s response to the release of the Humane Society’s investigation and the disturbing images and videos that came with it was swift. The... Read More
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Pesticide Actio...
Mar 28, 2019
Several thousand individuals who have been exposed to Monsanto’s (now Bayer) flagship herbicide Roundup and suffered from cancer are in the process of suing the agrichemical giant. This week saw the completion of the second trial, and the second ruling in favor of the plaintiff. On Wednesday, March 27, a jury found the Monsanto corporation liable for a California man’s cancer caused in part by Roundup. Monsanto (Bayer) has been ordered to pay Edwin Hardeman $75 million in punitive damages, $5 million for past and future suffering, and more than $200,000 to cover medical bills. Inadequate... Read More
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Ahna Kruzic
Mar 27, 2019
To address climate change, we’ve got to end chemical-intensive agriculture. Why? Because globally, today’s food and agriculture systems are responsible for more climate-change contributing emissions than the world’s cars, trucks, planes, and trains combined. At the same time, we’re confronted with evidence that climate change is unravelling the systems of the natural world that have evolved over millennia to create a habitable planet. The Green New Deal, a non-binding resolution that calls for a shift in energy production and public resources to carbon-neutralize the U.S. by 2030,... Read More
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Mar 19, 2019
Here in the U.S., PAN’s work often focuses on mobilizing action around specific pesticides to  strengthen regulations, win phaseouts, and spur investment in safer alternatives. Recent examples include our work on chlorpyrifos, which is harmful to the health of children and farmworkers; dicamba, which is wreaking havoc on the crops and livelihoods of farmers across the country; and glyphosate, a probable carcinogen and key ingredient in the most widely used herbicide in the world. What’s not often visible is that these U.S.-based efforts are part of a broader campaign through our global... Read More
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Moretta Browne
Mar 15, 2019
This post is part of an ongoing project by PAN Farmer Justice Fellows who are working to uplift the many different voices of farmers in California. The mission of this work is to broaden the narrative of what it means to be a farmer participating in the state's agricultural system by sharing the wide spectrum of relationships that growers have with land. Feral Heart Farm is a diverse 3.2 acre farm in the Sunol Ag Park in Sunol, CA. Tending to this farm are Aaron Dinwoodie (he/him) & Mica (they/them), two farmers “committed to nurturing [their] relationships with land, food, & people... Read More
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Pesticide Actio...
Mar 07, 2019
In late February, the White House announced plans to put together a panel to see if climate change is really a threat. The fact that this is even a question for the administration is bad — though not surprising — but even worse is the fact that the president picked a fervent climate science denier to lead the panel. A sham of a panel Said climate science denier William Happer is not a climate scientist, but has long been an outspoken skeptic, going as far as to advocate for the benefits of carbon dioxide. He is tied to numerous climate denial organizations, and has received funding from... Read More
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