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Oct 02, 2019
October 1 marked the beginning of 2019's 16 Days of Action on Agroecology, a global event spearheaded by our partners at PAN Asia and the Pacific (PANAP). This year’s global campaign will focus on the role of youth in agroecology, with the theme “Youth March On for Agroecology and Food Sovereignty!” The goal of the days of action is to raise awareness on the benefits of agroecology for food security, public health, the environment, land and resources, and community economies. Organized youth, women, farmers, and activists from at least 20 countries are expected to participate, reaching... Read More
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Susan Haffmans
Sep 27, 2019
Germany is a powerful player in global pesticide markets. Home to Bayer CropScience, this single European country is responsible for more than 10% of international pesticide trade. Researchers here at Pesticide Action Network (PAN) Germany recently conducted an investigation to see whether the country is exporting highly hazardous pesticides (HHPs) that have already been banned in the European Union. The answer is yes.  Troubling results We examined official export data provided by the German Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety, and compared them to the PAN... Read More
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Linda Wells
Sep 19, 2019
A version of this blog was first published by MOSES in their Organic Broadcaster newsletter. Each year since Monsanto’s dicamba-resistant Xtend seeds have hit the market, farmers and rural communities have braced for record levels of pesticide drift. Even with this year’s late start to planting season, 2019 may see the highest number of dicamba drift incidents yet.  Long before Xtendimax was approved, dicamba was well-known as a particularly volatile chemical - it simply does not stay where it is put, no matter how it is applied. Early advocates warned of the damage this herbicide can... Read More
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Sep 19, 2019
More than two million farmworkers perform some of the most demanding manual labor in this country, cultivating and harvesting the crops that feed us all. Yet these workers are some of the least protected from on-the-job harms. They’re even excluded from the federal standards for minimum wage and overtime pay that are guaranteed to other workers. And unfortunately, the Department of Labor (DOL) just submitted sweeping proposed regulatory changes for U.S. agricultural labor that would make matters worse, undoing bare minimum common-sense protections like annual safety inspections of employer-... Read More
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Sep 05, 2019
As PAN celebrates our 35th anniversary, Senior Scientist Marcia Ishii-Eiteman recently had a conversation with one of PAN’s founding members — and current board member — David Chatfield to talk about PAN’s work throughout the years. When and for how long have you been involved with PAN? In what capacity have you worked with the organization? I’ve been involved with PAN since the very beginning. I went to the first organizing meeting in 1982 along with Monica Moore and Gretta Goldenman. We were representing a movement that had started in the US around the book that David Weir wrote, Circle... Read More
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Margaret Reeves
Aug 27, 2019
After 20 years of focused work with many partners across the US and around the world, chlorpyrifos is on its way out. As we celebrate and build on each victory, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the decades of multi-faceted, collaborative efforts to win policies that protect workers, children and rural communities from the well-known hazards of this commonly used insecticide.  It was back in 2000 that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned use of chlorpyrifos in homes, explicitly because of its hazards to children’s developing brains. PAN joined with our partners to... Read More
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Ahna Kruzic
Aug 08, 2019
I went home to Iowa back in July, and many fields were still bare from last fall’s post-harvest tilling. Normally, field corn would have been at least knee high. Though the saying goes “...knee high by the fourth of July!” Iowans know that field corn is often head high (or taller!) by the 4th. And I’m 6’ 2”! But this year, a wet spring, flooding, and torrential summer downpours have delayed farmers’ work in the fields. Planting has been late, and in some cases, hasn’t happened at all. This spring’s flooding corresponds with scientists’ models of climate change in the region. We know we’re in... Read More
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Medha Chandra
Aug 08, 2019
This week, PAN joined a coalition of groups to sue the Trump administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) — again — for refusing to ban the potent brain-harming pesticide chlorpyrifos. This lawsuit, filed by attorneys from Earthjustice representing PAN and other allied organizations, demands that the pesticide be banned nationwide due to its harms to vulnerable populations like children and farmworkers. Another blow from EPA This lawsuit comes on the heels of the shocking decision by this EPA in July (in response to a court deadline) to continue to allow the use of chlorpyrifos... Read More
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