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Andrew Olsen
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When it comes to new GE crops, the federal decisionmaking process simply isn’t working — and it’s most certainly not serving the interests of farmers, rural communities or public health.  


Despite incredible public outcry from half a million concerned individuals, farmers, scientist, and health care professionals, Dow’s new genetically engineered (GE) crops — and the harmful pesticides designed to accompany them &


The brain-harming chemical, chlorpyrifos, has been under review by the state’s Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) for over 10 years. We think it’s time to talk to their boss.


McDonald's claims that their potatoes are produced sustainably, but rural residents in central Minnesota know differently: pesticide drift from potato fields is a major problem.

Celine Nadeau

Monsanto & Co. are at it again. Teaming up with other Big Food interests, they’re once again pushing a bill to ensure consumers are kept in the dark about genetically engineered (GE) food.