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PAN International List of Highly Hazardous Pesticides (November 2013)

For decades, the distribution and use of hazardous pesticides has been an issue of concern. Since it’s founding in 1982, Pesticide Action Network (PAN) has been the civil society organisation (CSO) most steadily and continuously calling for effective international action towards the elimination of hazardous pesticides.


La agroecología es la ciencia detrás de la agricultura sostenible. A partir de las ciencias naturales y sociales, la agroecología proporciona el marco para evaluar cuatro propiedades claves de los sistemas agrícolas: productividad, resiliencia, sostenibilidad y equidad.

Andrew Olsen
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PAN International releases this report during unprecedented and simultaneous disruptions in the major world systems upon which we all depend: climate, ecosystems and economies. These disruptions threaten the livelihoods and lives of many people around the world, and especially those in developing countries.