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Chemicals policy must catch up with modern science – ending the decades-long toxic experiment in failing public health. If we so choose, we can stimulate the safest, greenest technologies possible, and incentivize innovation that bears fruit for the many without holding public health hostage in the bargain.

Lindsey Schneider

Lindsey Schneider

Lindane has been targeted for a ban by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) since 1977, but has somehow managed to stay on the market. Meanwhile more than 50 countries have banned this dangerous chemical. What are the forces behind the survival of this old and dangerous pesticide in the U.S.?

Lindsey Schneider

Led by Zambia and India, more and more countries in the Global South are spurning genetically modified (GM) food aid, and questioning the wisdom of a corporate-controlled food system. Even when facing widespread famine, Zambia refused genetically contaminated food aid from the U.S., after a review by its scientists showed insufficient evidence to demonstrate the safety of GM foods.