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Atrazine exposed: Report highlights flawed economics behind Syngenta’s flagship product


Today, environmental economist Frank Ackerman, PhD, published a report “Atrazine: Consider the Alternatives” analyzing the economics of atrazine, the second most widely-used pesticide in the United States. Although atrazine is a known endocrine-disruptor and suspected carcinogen, its manufacturer, Syngenta, rationalizes its continued use by arguing that it is critical to the agricultural economy.

Will USDA act on GMO contamination?


Following news Friday that the US Department of Agriculture had discovered contamination of Washington alfalfa crops by their genetically engineered (GE, or GMO) counterparts, the agency is weighing whether to take any action. The agency’s decisions is especially relevant as Washington voters will decide in November on whether genetically engineered foods, derived from GE crops, should be labeled.

USDA quietly ushers in new pesticide-resistant crop


Last week, the USDA quietly announced its decision to deregulate (approve) Bayer CropScience’s newest genetically engineered soybean, designed to be resistant to the herbicide, isoxaflutole. EPA has designated isoxaflutole a “probable human carcinogen.” It is also a PAN Bad Actor pesticide, reflecting the herbicide’s placement in PAN’s list of “most toxic” pesticides.

PAN’s Senior Scientist, Marcia Ishii-Eiteman, PhD, released this statement:

Scientists Say Officials Ignored Science of Pesticide Linked to Cancer


For immediate release: August 28, 2013
Paul Towers, PAN, 916-216-1082
Sarah Aird, CPR, 415-971-4401

Scientists Say Officials Ignored Science of Pesticide Linked to Cancer
Advocates deliver over 15,000 petitions urging officials to follow science, develop better health protections, and promote pesticide alternatives in California’s strawberry fields