Help support PAN and the honey bee

Bee friendly Smock cardSmock has created beautiful sunflower cards and bee-friendly seed packets. 100% of profits benefit PAN.

PAN is thrilled to be partnering once again with our longtime supporter and friend Smock to offer this unique, honey bee-inspired card — sustainably letterpressed on bamboo paper.

100% of profits from these cards support Pesticide Action Network and help save honey bees.

Why bees? Honey bees are in trouble, and more than 30% of our food supply depends on them. Planting bee-friendly plants (like sunflowers) is one thing you can do to help the bees out. Learn more about how pesticides are putting bees (and the food chain) in peril at These cards are part of Smock's “change the world” card series, where 100% of profits are donated to a critical environmental issue.

About the card

Sustainably letterpressed on bamboo paper. Patterned bamboo envelopes. Made with love in upstate New York. Bee-friendly, organic, locally grown sunflower seeds are included with the cards for you to plant.

Sunflower letterpress fold, 6pk,  $14.00 / cards are 3.31 x 5.44. Packaged in a crystal clear, 50% post-consumer polyester box. Polyester is a #1 recyclable plastic, one of the easiest plastics to recycle.


Get Involved

Bee guide Want to create your own haven for honey bees? Download this handy brochure to learn more about bee-friendly gardening.