What You Can Do

Do one thing.

Nobody can do everything, but everybody can choose one thing and do it. Whether it's writing a letter or check, making a phone call, or being a conscientious consumer — we each have real power. That power builds when we act together, and it starts when one person does one thing.

The easiest thing is to sign up to recieve email action alerts. You'll then be linked to PAN's international network of over 600 organizations, spanning 90 countries. Our North American Partner Program offers local opportunities for joining or supporting partner organizations.

Change the Conversation   Hold Leaders Accountable
Be the Change   Build Community

Nuts & Bolts of Making Change

Did you know that policymakers read papers as proxies for public opinion? It's true. One well-placed OpEd or Letter to the Editor can make a decisionmaker think again. Take 15 minutes to change the conversation.

Or you can engage your representative directly. Hold leaders accountable with phone calls, letters and visits. We've laid out "Advocacy 101"— how a bill becomes law, which committees matter most for our issues, sample letters and calls.

Small talk matters more than TV ads and billboards. Really. Research tells us that when it comes to making change in the way people think, we are most influenced by friends, family members, and people with whom we work and worship. And there are those people, "connectors," who make links and build community wherever they go. These links are circuits of power.

In your everyday choices — at the market or in your home — you can be the change we're working to realize in the world. Each time you do the right thing, you affirm your commitment to a healthier, more just world.

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