Spring 2010: Hope in a Chemical Era


Chemicals policy must catch up with modern science – ending the decades-long toxic experiment in failing public health. If we so choose, we can stimulate the safest, greenest technologies possible, and incentivize innovation that bears fruit for the many without holding public health hostage in the bargain. We know that it’s time for our food systems to be controlled by farmers, consumers and farmworkers—rather than a handful of giant pesticide corporations. Our best possible legacy for future generations should be a system that prioritizes our health and our economy. In this issue we are unequivocal: we know enough about the interplay between health and toxics for policymakers to take action. We link the chemical century to the diseases it has wrought. And we highlight leaders, from farmers to doctors, who are saying: Enough is enough! Our farms and our bodies are not laboratories for other people’s profit. We can find a better way.