PAN Partners

PAn Partners

Since its inception nearly 30 years ago, PAN has recognized the power and importance of collaboration. Because the challenges posed by pesticides and corporate control of agriculture are much too large for any organization to tackle alone, working in partnership is a core value of our global network.

PAN has developed a powerful coalition of partners to get the job done. We share information and expertise, building alliances that protect our health and ecosystems. We work together to reduce reliance on toxic chemicals, promote food democracy and move toward a healthy, just and resilient system of agriculture. Below you will find in-depth profiles of some of our many PAN Partners:

PAN Partners in Action

Health Care Without Harm

Helping hospitals reduce pesticides & promote healthier food

Health Care without harm marketThe average hospital serves more than a million meals each year. Thanks in large measure to HCWH's work, more than 300 hospitals nationwide have taken a pledge to seek out sustainable foods, and the American Medical Association has endorsed a resolution calling on hospitals and physicians to champion nutritious and sustainable foods.
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Land Stewardship Project

Working to keep the land & people together

Land Stewardship ProjectThe Minnesota-based Land Stewardship Project has worked for 27 years to create secure, healthy and fair food and farming systems. Now LSP and PAN are collaborating to train a public spotlight on the herbicide atrazine, and its main producer and promoter, the Syngenta Corporation. In early 2010, the groups published a joint report, The Syngenta Corporation and Atrazine: The Cost to the Land, People and Democracy.
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Alaska Community Action on Toxics

Bringing the Indigenous voice to Geneva

ACA on toxinsACAT has played an active and important role in strengthening the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants since the treaty's inception. In 2009, ACAT led a delegation of Indigenous leaders to a Stockholm Convention meeting to remind government leaders of their obligation to address the contamination these communities face daily in their environment, food and bodies.
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Beyond Toxics

Leadership for a Clean and Just Oregon

Beyond ToxicThe Oregon-based environmental health non-profit has played a leadership role in pushing for pesticide and toxics reform since 2000. Successful reforms include the statewide ban on grass seed burning, the 2009 IPM in schools bill and most recently the Safe Public Places Act signed into law this June, which establishes IPM for all state agencies on all state property, including forests, parks, roadways and buildings. Beyond Toxics is also working on the local level to create pesticide-free parks in Eugene and eliminate the use of bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides throughout the state of Oregon. The group works to expose root causes of toxic pollution and help communities find effective, lasting solutions.
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