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From Senegal to Iowa: The Frontlines of GM Agriculture

From Senegal to Iowa, from the Philippines to Hawai'i, farmers explore the origin story of GE seeds, the implications, and how we’re fighting for food sovereignty in Seed Keepers and Truth Tellers. This animated short video, a collaboration between PAN North America and Hawai'i Alliance for Progressive Action (HAPA), in partnership with PAN Asia Pacific, will premiere on Tuesday, November 17th.

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Ten years later, has agriculture transformed?

The United Nations’ landmark 2009 International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) convened experts from around the world to investigate how agriculture can most effectively reduce hunger and poverty, improve rural livelihoods, and protect human health.

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Switzerland to stop exporting banned pesticides

Earlier this week the government of Switzerland announced that it will no longer allow exports of five pesticides that have long been banned in their own country due to known health and environmental harms. Given that pesticide industry giant Syngenta is based in Switzerland, this is incredibly significant — and very, very good news.

Kristin Schafer