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A note from PAN Board Chair Nse Obot Witherspoon

As a mom and a children’s health advocate, I have a deep personal connection to PAN’s work. We all know how important it is to create a world that’s healthy and safe for our kids, and when it comes to food and farming, PAN is getting it done. That’s why I’ve been a proud member of the Board of Directors for the past seven years, and now serve as PAN’s Board Chair.

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How we “catch” pesticide drift: Doing science with the people

For well over a decade, PAN has worked with partner groups in our key states to test the air for pesticide drift using a device called the Drift Catcher. We launched the latest round of drift-catching in California a little over a year ago, and we’re now reflecting on lessons learned and awaiting results.

Emily Marquez
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Thailand upholds triple pesticide ban, despite U.S. pushback

Last month, the government of Thailand announced plans to ban the pesticides paraquat, glyphosate and chlorpyrifos by December 1. The news was not taken well by U.S. officials, who have been pressing hard to convince Thailand not to move forward with the planned bans.

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PANAP’s Sarojeni V. Rengam on pesticides, women, and land reform

We need a system where the landless get control of the land, and agrarian reform becomes an integral part of the change we’re working towards. We need a system where agroecology is widespread, and not industry-backed agroecology but a people-to-people kind of movement building.

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My introduction to Iowa: Farmers’ markets and rural hunger

In mid-August, I joined PAN as the organization’s new communications associate. Starting a new position is always an adjustment, and this one came with a move to Iowa, and as a Southern California girl who recently finished graduate school in México, the move to the Midwest was a big one!

Adriana Murguia