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Perdue for USDA? Bad Choice.

The Trump administration's nominees to lead key federal agencies have been characterized by strong ties to the industries they'll be tasked with regulating, a historic disregard for science and the public interest and an astounding lack of diversity. The nomination of Sonny Perdue to lead the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is no exception.

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EPA stands firm on worker safety rules

After 15 long years of research and public input, the Environmental Protection Agnecy (EPA) finalized urgently needed improvements to the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) on September, 2015. With the political landscape now in flux, the agency is facing strong push-back from Big Ag representatives on these new farmworker protections.

Margaret Reeves
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Corporate greed vs children's health

Our children's health is not negotiable. This is the message we need to send federal officials — loud and clear — as President Obama's EPA takes final comments on their proposal to withdraw almost all remaining uses of the brain-harming insecticide chlorpyrifos.

Ag ban long overdue

It's already taken much too long for the agency to do the right thing. Way back in 2001, science indicating that chlorpyrifos harms children's developing nervous system was strong enough to warrant agency action to ban all household uses of the chemical.

Kristin Schafer
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Don't confuse baby steps in Hawai'i with meaningful action

First steps are meaningful, depending on context. When my now 15-month-old took her first steps earlier this year, we celebrated her progress. It was a major milestone in her early life. But Hawai’i regulators don’t deserve the same kudos for their recent announcement intended to quell concerns about pesticide use on the islands.

Paul Towers
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Working together

As 2016 comes to a close, I'm reflecting on what our PAN community has achieved in the past year — and where we're headed from here. I honestly don’t know what 2017 will bring, this is a challenging time. But I know one thing for sure: it will take many of us, acting on several fronts at once, to advance toward justice and food system transformation.

Judy Hatcher
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Monsanto undermines EPA's scientific review

After halting the process in October, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently put its review of glyphosate back on the calendar for December 13-16. Scientists will gather on behalf of the agency to review the carcinogenic properties of the key ingredient in Monsanto’s flagship herbicide RoundUp.

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Thank you, water protectors!

For months, all eyes have been on the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s treaty lands, where the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) was charted to go under the Missouri River — undermining the sovereignty of the tribe and threatening the drinking water of 18 million people.

On Sunday, the water protectors at Standing Rock won a major victory: the Army Corps of Engineers denied the permit to drill under the Missouri River.

Lex Horan