Our Supporters

We're inspired every day by the commitment, creativity and smarts of our supporters. You are farmers concerned about the land and your family's future. You are moms and dads who care about your kids' health, neighbors who want a safe community, and farmworkers who know there's a better way. You are health professionals concerned about the evidence linking chemicals and illness.

PAN is the first place I turn for knowledge about particular pesticides. It's top-flight science meets plainspoken English.Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D., biologist and author

You grow, pick, buy, cook and eat food. You send emails, sign petitions, write letters to the editor and show up for events. You talk to your family and neighbors about what you know, and why they should care about pesticides and health. You put your money where your heart is, at the market and with your donations. We couldn't do our work without you.

If you're new to the PAN community, welcome! There are many ways you can get engaged to help us make change.

Typing laptopLast year, our supporters sent hundreds of thousands of emails to state legislators, Congress, the White House and EPA. Together, we put persistent chemicals on Congress' agenda, blocked a new carcinogen from California's strawberry fields, and won the national phaseout of a dangerous insecticide. Join the team!

BullhornGetting the word out about the issues we all care about moves this work forward. The more people know, the harder they will work toward a healthy tomorrow. Whether at a neighborhood block party or through social media networks, sharing information about PAN and our work builds awareness and power.

For more thoughts on exactly what you can do with PAN today, visit our Action Center and check out our Online Toolkit. We'll make it easy for you to have real impact with email actions, plus we provide guidance for submitting letters to the editor, holding political leaders accountable, and building community with like-minded friends and neighbors wherever you are. Together, we can get it done.

PAN's Financial Supporters

  • Individual Supporters :: Donations from our members mean the world to us. You give us the flexibility to turn on a dime - responding to unexpected events in the world and taking advantage of opportunities to press your issues forward. When the economy turned down, our donating members stepped up - helping us through when many nonprofits were hit harder. Thank you!
  • Foundation Grants :: The issues we're tackling have long-term solutions. We raise our hats to our generous foundation supporters who have for years recognized the importance of being in the fight for environmental health and justice for the long haul.
  • Business Supporters :: Because of the nature of our work, PAN is very careful about accepting funds from the private sector. We have developed a screening process to ensure that support comes from businesses that share our goals of a just, clean and green future with deep community roots. We are thus very proud to acknowledge the businesses that have supported our work over the years, and wish them success in their ventures.

To find out more about PAN's financial support, see our Annual Report.