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California wants to restrict widely used farm pesticide

Use of all pesticides containing the active ingredient chlorpyrifos would be restricted under regulations being proposed by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation.

This would mean only trained, licensed professionals who have a permit from a local county agricultural commissioner would be able to use these products. The county could place further conditions on use through the permit.

As far as at least one environmental group is concerned, the DPR action has been too slow in comking.

“Department of Pesticide Regulation officials have shown an unwillingness to commit to phasing out neurotoxic chlorpyrifos. After a decade, they’ve continued to delay meaningful action and put California’s children in harm’s way,” says Sarah Aird, co-director of Californians for Pesticide Reform. “Governor [Edmund] Brown should help his agency create a clear timeline for completing an independent evaluation and adopting immediate protections for children, as Dow’s pesticide is phased out in favor of cutting-edge solutions.”

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