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Press Statements

Nov 26, 2013

Food & farm groups to EPA: Fumigants are too hazardous

Kicking off Thanksgiving week yesterday, PAN submitted comments on behalf of over thirty food,...

Nov 5, 2013

New study links pesticides to endometriosis

Earlier today, the journal Environmental Health Perspectives published a new study linking...

Oct 16, 2013

Kauai stands up to pesticide giants, passes landmark bill

Kauai stands up to pesticide giants, passes landmark bill Lihue, HI – Early this morning, the...

Oct 9, 2013

Atrazine exposed: Report highlights flawed economics behind Syngenta’s flagship product

Today, environmental economist Frank Ackerman, PhD, published a report “Atrazine: Consider the...

Oct 3, 2013

Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill introduced in the House

House Democrats today introduced a comprehensive immigration reform bill that builds upon the...

Sep 30, 2013

Minnesota to address health impacts of potato pesticides

Statewide review spurred by Drift Catcher data on widely used fungicide Today, the Minnesota...

Sep 17, 2013

Will USDA act on GMO contamination?

Following news Friday that the US Department of Agriculture had discovered contamination of...

Aug 30, 2013

USDA quietly ushers in new pesticide-resistant crop

Last week, the USDA quietly announced its decision to deregulate (approve) Bayer CropScience’s...

Aug 15, 2013

New bee labels not protective enough

For Immediate Release: August 15, 2013 Contact: Paul Towers, 916-216-1082, New...

Aug 1, 2013

California air data on pesticides continues to miss the mark

For Immediate Release: August 1, 2013 Contact: Paul Towers, 916-216-1082,