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When pesticides are applied, they can move through the air to nearby homes and farms — and many p
Pesticide drift farm
Chlorpyrifos is a neurotoxic organophosphate (OP) insecticide used in the production of fruits an
Spraying on farm
Air Monitoring in Watsonville, California
Pesticide drift is a growing problem for Iowa farmers and communities.
Biomonitoring makes the issue of toxic chemicals very personal: we are all contaminated.
Farmworkers in California’s Central Valley arguably face the greatest levels of exposure to...
Playgrounds, daycare centers and schools: every parent hopes these are safe places, where childre
Kids playground
Pesticide exposure can lead to serious medical consequences, so it's important to take all...
If You've Been Drifted On
Five of the world’s six largest genetically engineered seed and pesticide corporations use Hawai’i...
Hawaii Issue brief
Monitoring data indicates that several months each summer, central Minnesota residents in potato-...
Crop Duster spray
Estas breves entrevistas hablan sobre las historias de la gente que vive cerca de los campos agri
Protest pesticide drift
These profiles tell the stories of people living near agricultural fields who are concerned about...
Protest pesticide drift