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The International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (I
Una generación en peligro: Cómo es que los pesticidas perjudican la inteligencia y la salud de nu
Generation in Jeopardy
Kids today are sicker than they were a generation ago, and a growing body of scientific evidence...
Generation in Jeopardy
Bees are in trouble.
Bees on honeycomb
Monitoring data indicates that several months each summer, central Minnesota residents in potato-...
Crop Duster spray
Agroecology provides a robust set of solutions to the environmental and economic pressures and cr
La agroecología entrega un conjunto de soluciones contundentes para las presiones medioambientale
Honey Bees and Pesticides: State of the Science, a 22-page report on the factors behind
For decades, the distribution and use of hazardous pesticides has been an issue of concern.
Hazarardous Pesticides
The Syngenta corporation invented the herbicide atrazine and is its primary manufacturer.
Syngenta and atrazine