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Unless you live in one of the states in which PAN has an on-the-ground organizing presence, (Minnesota, California, and Hawai‘i)

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The cost of chemicals: Intensive farming is biggest cause of bird decline in Europe, study says
The #Covid19 pandemic has shown that 3 paid sick days for workers is not enough. With emergency sick leave gone, it’s time to fill in the gaps of California’s safety net with #SB616, which would require CA employers to provide 7 paid sick days per year.
The connection between pesticide spray and dangerous levels of PFAS chemicals on your dinner plate? Read on:
California’s most widely applied insecticide is contaminated by potentially dangerous levels of PFAS. We echo @CenterForBioDiv and @PEERorg in calling on the @EPA and @CA_PesticideReg to remove these pesticides from use until PFAS contamination can be removed from supply lines.
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Tired of the pesticide industry calling the shots?
Let’s create a healthy food system, together.