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Resource Pointer #180

September 23, 1998

For copies of the following resources, please contact the appropriate publishers or organizations directly.

*Integrated Weed and Soil Management, 1998* J.L. Hatfield et al (eds.) Emphasizes integration of techniques to anticipate and manage weed problems rather than reacting to them after they are present. Includes chapters on economics of weed control and value of weed management; producer attitudes towards weed management; herbicide leaching and volitilization. 383 pp. US$59.95. To order, contact Ann Arbor Press, 121 South Main St., Chelsea, Michigan 48118.

*Biological Pesticides: Technology for Sustainable Agriculture, 1998* Jesús Estrada et al. Spanish. Examines use of biological pesticides within the context of Cuban agriculture. Includes information on use of microorganisms as well as insects in the controlling of pests. Examines compatibility of biological controls with other inputs such as fertilizers and chemicals. For cost and ordering information, contact Red de Acción en Alternativas al uso de Agroquímicos (RAAA), Mariscal Miller 2622 Lince, Lima- Peru; phone (511) 421-0826; fax (511) 440-4359; email

*Plants, Biology, and the Landscape, 1998* Lidia A. Gaivironsky. Spanish. Overview of plant biology. Includes chapters on plant adaptations, photosynthesis and respiration, plant nutrition, propagation and germination and genetics. 146 pp. US$25. To order, contact Lidia Gaivironsky, C.C. No. 038- Sucursal 17, 1417- Buenos Aires, Argentina; email

*Ontario Environmental Farm Plan Workbook, 1994* Ontario Farm Environmental Coalition. Identifies 17 key issues facing Ontario agriculture. Provides worksheets to assess yourfarm and create an “action plan.” Includes worksheets on soil management; water wells; pesticide, fertilizer, and petroleum product storage and handling; disposal of farm waste; livestock yards; water and energy efficiency; crop management; and pest management. 217 pp. For cost and ordering information, contact Ontario Farm Environmental Coalition c/o Ontario Federation of Agriculture, 491 Eglinton Ave. W., Suite 500, Toronto, Ont. M5N 3A2 Canada; phone (416) 485-3333.

*Making Change in the Marketplace- A National Conference on Eco-Labels, Portland, OR, October 22-23, 1998* Hosted by The Food Alliance (TFA). Focuses on the use of eco-labels in changing consumer purchases and farm practices. Seminars include Eco-commerce or good works: what are we trying to achieve; keeping money at the farmgate; the “right” consumer messages and products; measuring success; labels and on-farm changes; retailers and eco-lables. $185 for full registration and $100 for one day registration. For more information, contact The Food Alliance, 1829 NE Alberta, Suite 5, Portland, OR 97211; phone (503) 493-1066; fax (503) 493-1069; email; web site



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