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Resource Pointer #185

November 4, 1998

For copies of the following resources, please contact the appropriate publishers or organizations directly.

*Against the Grain: Biotechnology and the Corporate Takeover of Your Food, 1998* Marc Lapp and Britt Bailey. Provides an anaylsis of both scientific and political aspects of biotechnology and its implications for world food security. Examines consumer risks; dangers of herbicide use; insect resistance and Bacillus thuringiensis; labeling and government regulation. Includes an in- depth look at Roundup Ready crops. 175 pp. US$14.95. To order, contact Common Courage Press, 1 Red Barn Road, Monroe, ME 04951; phone (207) 525-0900; fax (207) 525-3068; email orders-

*The Monsanto Files: Can We Survive Genetic Engineering?, The Ecologist, Sept./Oct. 1998* Gives an overview of Monsanto’s corporate history, examining products such as Agent Orange, Roundup, recombinant bovine growth hormone, and Terminator technology as well as resulting bi-products such as dioxins and PCBs. Further examines the “revolving door” between Monsanto and government agencies; Monsanto’s public relations campaigns; and the corporation’s lack of transparency. This issue of The Ecologist was initially shredded by the printers, and the entire edition had to be reprinted by a different company. US$6. Available at some bookstores and newsstands. To order, contact The Ecologist, c/o Cissbury House, Furze View, Five Oaks Road, Slinfold, W. Sussex RH13 7RH UK; phone (44-1403) 786 726; fax (44- 1403) 782 644; email

*Altered Genes — Reconstructing Nature: The Debate, 1998* Richard Hindmarsh et. al. (eds.) Fourteen essays on biotechnology from writers in New Zealand and Australia. Reviews Australian bio- industrial development; agricultural biotechnology in Australia; transgenic cotton; the human genome project; bioprospecting, biopiracy and intellectual property rights; trends in genetics reporting and the role of public relations in biotechnology; as well as public response. 228 pp. AUS$24.95. To order, contact Allen and Unwin, P.O. Box 8500, 9 Atchison St., St. Leonards, NSW 2065, Australia; phone (61-2) 8425 0100; fax (61-2) 9906 2218; email

*Biotechnology for Crop Protection — Its Potential for Developing Countries, 1998 * German Foundation for International Development. Proceedings of an international workshop held in Berlin in 1996. Includes discussions of biocontrols, microbial pesticides and botanicals as well as genetically engineered crops. Presents industry and NGO analysis of problems associated with biotechnology and regulatory frameworks. Case studies include trichogramma in maize and transgenic rice in the Philippines, weevil resistance in sweet potatoes and control of coffee berry borer. 304 pp. For cost and ordering information, contact German Foundation for International Development, Postfach 20, 82336 Feldafing, Germany; phone (49-8157) 938 113; fax (49-8157) 938 777; email

*Manual for Assessing Ecological and Human Health Effects of Genetically Engineered Organisms, 1998* Scientists Working Group on Biosafety. Two-part series. A guide to types of information needed to conduct a biosafety assessment and to evaluate problems that could arise following release of a genetically engineered organism or introduction of genetically engineered food. Includes flowcharts and work charts to document and examine evidence. Within the U.S., US$4 shipping. For cost and ordering information outside of the U.S., contact The Edmonds Institute, 20319 92nd Ave. West, Edmonds, WA, 98020; phone (425) 775-5383; fax (425) 670-8410; email



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