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Pesticide Action Network Updates Service (PANUPS)

Resource Pointer #190

January 6, 1999

For copies of the following resources, please contact the appropriate publishers or organizations directly.

*Global Pesticide Campaigner, December 1998* Pesticide Action Network North America. Highlights the high levels of pesticides to which children in U.S. agricultural communities are exposed. Includes feature article on women farmworkers and their exposure to pesticides, including firsthand accounts from the field. Also includes articles on Agent Orange, organic farmers in Mexico and myths about world hunger. US$25 for individuals and non-profits, US$15 for low-income individuals, US$50 for small businesses, government agencies and public libraries, US$100 for corporations. Published three times a year. To subscribe, visit our GPC page.

*Pesticide News, December 1998* The Pesticides Trust. Quarterly, offering an international perspective on health and environmental effects of pesticides. Articles ranging from IPM farmer field schools and pesticide reduction in cotton to links between dieldrin and breast cancer. Includes updates on Prior Informed Consent, U.S. delay of methyl bromide phase out, and biopesticides. UK15.00 for students and individuals, UK32.00 for non-profits and academic organizations, UK65.00 for corporations. To subscribe, contact The Pesticides Trust, Eurolink Centre, 49 Effra Rd., London SW2 1BZ, UK; phone (44 171) 274 8895; fax (44 171) 274 9084; email

*IPM Practitioner, November/December 1998* Bio-Integral Resource Center (BIRC). This issue provides a directory of least-toxic pest control products and pest control companies. Ranges from insect management to plant disease management to vertebrate management. US$35 for individuals, US$60 for institutions, businesses and libraries. To subscribe, contact BIRC, PO Box 7414, Berkeley, CA 94707; phone (510) 524-2567; fax (510) 524-1758; email; web site

*The Common Sense Pest Control Quarterly* The winter issue focuses on dust mites and asthma, looking at the life cycle of dust mites, their effects on asthma and non-toxic management strategies. Includes an article on health effects of indoor pollutants. Also includes reviews of books on alternative pest control. US$30 for individuals, US$50 for institutions, businesses and libraries. Dual membership, which includes subscription to both the IPM Practitioner and the Common Sense Pest Control Quarterly, is US$55 for individuals, US$85 for institutions, businesses, libraries. To subscribe, contact BIRC, PO Box 7414, Berkeley, CA 94707; phone (510) 524-2567; fax (510) 524-1758; email; web site

*Boletin de la Red de Accion sobre Plaguicidas y Alternativas en Mexico (RAPAM)* (Spanish) Focuses on pesticide-related issues in Latin America as well as organic agriculture and biotechnology. Articles from recent issues include methyl bromide use in Mexico; impacts of pesticides on flower workers in Morelos, Mexico, and chili as an alternative pest control. Includes book reviews and announcements of upcoming events. US$10. To subscribe, contact Red de Accion sobre Plaguicidas y Alternativas en Mexico (RAPAM), Apartado Postal 395 C.P. 56101, Texcoco Edo. de Mexico; phone/fax (01 595) 477 44; email

We encourage those interested in having resources listed in the Online Resource Pointer to send review copies of publications, videos or other sources to our office.



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