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Resource Pointer #191

January 14, 1999

For copies of the following resources, please contact the appropriate publishers or organizations directly.

*Toxic Turnaround: A step by step guide to reducing pollution for local governments, 1998* Examines toxic chemical reduction. Outlines California and federal regulations. Identifies sources of pollution, provides examples of successful reduction plans and offers guidelines for creating pollution prevention plans in your community. Includes chapter on pest control. 101 pp. US$28. To order, contact Environmental Health Coalition, 1717 Kettner Blvd., #100, San Diego, CA 92101; phone (619) 235-0281; fax (619) 232-3670; email; web site

*Evaluating Progress: A Report on the Findings of the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Program Evaluation, March 1997* Monica Becker and Ken Geiser. Examines the Toxic Use Reduction Act of Massachusetts and the success of its implementation. Investigates changes in toxic chemical use and byproducts as well as benefits and costs of the program. To order, contact Toxics Use Reduction Institute, One University Ave., Lowell, MA 01854-2886

*Private Costs and Benefits of Pesticide Minimisation, March 1997* Risk and Policy Analysts Limited. 2 part report. Outlines four primary methods for pesticide use minimization as well as tools for estimating the costs and benefits of those methods. Examines crop specific cost estimates and looks at three hypothetical farms. For cost and ordering information, contact Risk and Policy Analysts Limited, Farthing Green House, 1 Beccles Road, Loddon, Norfolk, NR14 6LT, UK; phone (44-1508) 528 465; fax (44-1508) 520 758.

*Plagued by Pesticides: An Analysis of New York State’s 1997 Pesticide Use and Sales Data, October 1998* Environmental Advocates and New York Public Interest Research Group Fund. Provides pesticide use data by county. Lists top pesticides used in New York state. Findings include use for commercial and urban applications higher than agriculture. Makes recommendations for pesticide use reduction. 31 pp. Available on web site. US$10. To order, contact Environmental Advocates, 353 Hamilton St., Albany, NY 12201; phone (518) 462-5526; email; web site

*The Seventh Generation Guide to a Toxic-Free Home* Seventh Generation. Outlines how to identify toxicity, the connection between chemicals and cancer, the difference between natural organic and synthetic compounds and their impacts on health and the environment. Provides guidelines for safeguarding your home. Includes an appendix with specific chemicals and their characteristics. 36 pp. For cost and ordering information, contact Seventh Generation, One Mill St., Suite A26, Burlington, VT 05401-1530; phone (802) 658-3773; fax (802) 658-1771; email; web site



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