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Resource Pointer #230
February 14, 2000

For copies of the following resources, please contact the appropriate publishers or organizations directly.

*Taproot: Agriculture and Leadership Training* April 28-May 2, 2000, Savannah, GA. Seminar sponsored by Learning Communities Project. Aimed at providing tools for individuals to make concrete change in farming communities, linking farms, environment and rural development. Addresses concept of Multi-Functional Agriculture, including agriculture’s contributions to society. US$750 plus transportation, scholarships available. Contact Learning Communities Project, 433 Chestnut St., Berea, KY 40403; phone (606) 986-5336; email; website

*Fate and Transport of Organic Chemicals in the Environment: A Practical Guide, Third Edition, 1998* Ronald E. Ney, Jr. Introduces tools and simple predictive techniques for determination of fate and transport of chemicals (including pesticides) in air, water, soil, flora and fauna. Includes discussion of how to assess route of exposure, data on 303 chemicals, effects of the environment on chemicals and more. 370 pp. US$59. Contact Government Institutes, 4 Research Place, Rockville, MD 20850-3226; phone (301) 921-2300; fax (301) 921-0373; email; website

*Modern Fungicides and Antifungal Compounds II, 1999* H. Lyr, P.E. Russell, H.-W. Dehne and H.D. Sisler, eds. Proceedings from Twelfth International Reinhardsbrunn Symposium, May 24-29, 1998. Includes presentations on development and impact of new fungicide technologies, discussion of biological control and impact of regulatory authorities on fungicide resistance management and product registration procedures. Includes discussion of use of natural, plant-derived antifungal compounds as well as microorganisms. Symposium financed by BASF, BAYER and Zeneca, among others. 505 pp. US$153. Contact Intercept Ltd., P.O. Box 716, Andover, Hants, SP10 1YG, U.K., phone (44-1264) 334-748; fax (44-1264) 334-058; email; website

*Pesticides Law Handbook: A Legal and Regulatory Guide for Business, 1999* Marshall Lee Miller, ed. Explains U.S. regulatory framework for pesticide registration, risk assessment, pesticide regulation in food (pre- and post-Food Quality Protection Act), Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act enforcement proceedings, state and local regulations, pesticide regulation under federal environmental statutes other than FIFRA, international trade in pesticides and more. 448 pp. US$89. Contact Government Institutes, 4 Research Place, Rockville, MD 20850-3226; phone (301) 921-2300; fax (301) 921-0373; email; website

*Fundamentals of Weed Science, Second Edition, 1999* Robert L. Zimdahl. Introductory text presenting explanation of weed classification, weed ecology, methods of weed management and control. Includes chapters on biological weed control and mechanical, non-mechanical and cultural weed control. Features discussion of herbicide use, including properties, formulation, application and impact on environment. 556 pp. US$59.95. Contact Academic Press Inc., 525 B Street, Suite 1900, San Diego, CA 92101-4495; phone (800) 321-5068; email; website

We encourage those interested in having resources listed in the PANUPS Resource Pointer to send review copies of publications, videos or other resources to our office.



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