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Resource Pointer #272
January 8, 2002

For copies of the following resources, please contact the appropriate publishers or organizations directly.

*Global Pesticide Campaigner* December 2001. Latest issue of PAN North America’s journal. Includes excerpts from Sandra Steingraber’s recent book “Having Faith” and articles on organic farming in China, Plan Colombia fumigations, Bt corn re-approval in the U.S. and the recently-publicized genetic pollution of native Mexican corn varieties. Also includes brief resource pointers, news notes and a detailed factsheet on the herbicide atrazine. Available on the PANNA Web site,

*Helping Health Workers Learn: A Book of Methods, Aids, and Ideas for Instructors at the Village Level* 1982, updated 1998 (In English and Spanish). David Werner and Bill Bower. Written in accessible language with hundreds of illustrations. Contents include class planning, use of teaching props, storytelling, role-playing, sensible use of medicines, family planning, nutrition, problem solving methods, socio-political causes of poverty and more. Based on 16 years of experience in community-run health programs in rural Mexico. 632 pages. US$21.95. Contact The Hesperian Foundation, 1919 Addison Street, Suite 304, Berkley, California, 94704; phone (510) 845-1447; fax (510) 845-9141; email:; Web site

*Impact Assessment for Development Agencies: Learning to Value Change* 1999. Chris Roche. Written for development practitioners in non-governmental organizations with information gathered from eleven international case studies. Offers critique and tips on impact-assessment design, useful tools, methods, models of use, emergency situations and advocacy. 308 pages. UK$9.95 or US$15.95. Contact Oxfam Publishing, 274 Banbury Road, Oxford 0X2 7DZ, UK; phone (44-1865) 311 311; fax (44 -1865) 313 925; email; Web site

*Technically Speaking: A Guide for Communicating Complex Information* 1998. Jan D’Arcy. Written for science and technical professionals on giving clear, precise and useful presentations of technical information. Includes tips on improving public speaking skills, focussing the message, organizing technical content, creating effective visuals, using body language, handling question period and more. 270 pages. US$29.95. Contact Battelle Press, 505 King Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43201-2693; phone (614) 424-6393 or (800) 451-3543; fax (614) 424-3819; email; Web site

*Procedure Writing: Principles and Practices* 1998. Douglas Wieringa, Christopher Moore and Valerie Barnes. Outlines the use of procedure writing, as it applies to a variety of fields, including operating complex machinery, using computer software, outlining human relations protocol and office management. Includes chapters on technical writing, step syntax, format and emphasis techniques, logic tables, cross-references, flowcharts and more. 243 pages. US$34.95. Contact Battelle Press, 505 King Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43201-2693; phone (614) 424-6393 or (800) 451-3543; fax (614) 424-3819; email; Web site

We encourage those interested in having resources listed in the PANUPS Resource Pointer to send review copies of publications, videos or other resources to our office.

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