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Resource Pointer #317 (Ag Research and Policy)
April 9, 2003

For copies of the following resources, please contact the appropriate publishers or organizations directly.

*Science, Agriculture and Research: A Compromised Participation? 2002* William Buhler, Stephen Morse, Eddie Arthur, Susannah Bolton and Judy Mann. Agricultural researchers explain the factors that drive research methods and agenda, who funds research and how the whole system functions. Explores the complexities and trade-offs of scientific agricultural research that affect public health and nutrition and raise important questions of trust, public perception and management. Outlines steps to promote responsibility and accountability for new technologies and applications. 163 pages. UK£17.95. Contact Earthscan Publications Ltd., 120 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9JN, UK; phone (44-20) 7278-0433; fax (44-20) 7278-1142; email; Web site

*Frontiers in Agriculture Research: Food, Health, Environment, and Communities, 2002* National Academies Report on USDA’s Research. Reviews the focus, quality, and criteria of USDA research. Recommends that the U.S. Department of Agriculture refocus its $2 billion annual research budget from increasing food and fiber production to frontier issues such as the impact of globalization on U.S. agriculture, diet and health, food safety, environmentally sound farming alternatives and the quality of life in rural communities. 268 pages. US$31.20 (hardcopy). Hardcopy and PDF versions available at: Contact National Academies Press, 500 Fifth Street, NW, Lockbox 285, Washington, DC 20055; phone (888) 624-8373; fax (202) 334-2451; email; Web site

*Food Safety Research Web site* US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Information Office. Provides information on governmental research budgets, reports, factsheets and other publications, and events, announcements and other information relevant to food safety research in the U.S. Includes a food safety research database, which lists USDA, FDA, NASA and other organizations’ projects and information on food composition, quality, handling and processing, poisonings, epidemiology, sanitation, education, research facilities, and government regulations. Contact Yvette Alonso, FSRIO Coordinator, National Agricultural Library, 10301 Baltimore Ave., Room 303, Beltsville, MD 20705; phone (301) 504-7374; email; Web site

*Future Role of Pesticides in US Agriculture, 2000* National Research Council. Explores the economic, regulatory and technical trends in pest management in the U.S. and the role of chemical pesticides in the decade ahead. Identifies opportunities for reducing the risks for pesticide use. Recommends research and development, and program and policy initiatives for federal agriculture authorities and others interested in pesticide policy. 332 pages. US$38.36 (hardcopy). Hardcopy and PDF versions available at: Contact National Academies Press, 500 Fifth Street, NW, Lockbox 285, Washington, DC 20055; phone (888) 624-8373; fax (202) 334-2451; email; Web site

*Economics of Agro-chemicals: An International Overview of Use Patterns, Technical and Institutional Determinants, Policies and Perspectives: Selected Papers of the 1996 Symposium of the International Association of Agricultural Economists, 1998* G.A.A. Wossink, G.C. van Kooten and G.H. Peters, eds. Provides a global overview of agrochemical use against the backdrop of future agricultural production requirements and environmental concerns. Examines the relationship between agro-chemical use and sustainability, producer knowledge and policy analysis for less developed and industrialized economies. 406 pages. US$139.95, UK£82.50. Contact Ashgate Gower Customer Service, Bookpoint Limited, 39 Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon, OX14 4TD, UK; phone (44-1235) 827730; fax (44-1235) 400454; email; Web site

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