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Resource Pointer #319 (Earth Day Activism)
April 22, 2003

For copies of the following resources, please contact the appropriate publishers or organizations directly.

*Earth Day Network Web site* Includes an extensive list of Earth Day campaigns and activities to join. Key campaigns include water, biodiversity, global warming, environmental equity, energy and forests. Provides resources for organizing and promoting local Earth Day events and campaigns. Contact Earth Day Network, 1616 P St., NW Suite 200, Washington, DC 20036; phone (202) 518-0044; fax (202) 518-8794; email; Web site

*Earth Day Action Kit, 2003* Environmentalists Against War. Provides resources on how to educate others about the environmental impacts of war and how to promote peace. Links the war in Iraq with heavy, unnecessary losses of human life, wildlife and the environment and a global dependence on oil. Provides resources on alternative energy that would reduce oil dependence. Available free at Contact Environmentalists Against War, PO Box 27, Berkeley, CA 94701; email; Web site

*The Global Activist’s Manual: Local Ways to Change to World, 2001* Mike Prokosch and Laura Raymond, eds. Guide to transforming the corporate globalization movement. Two dozen case studies from across the U.S. describe different ways that volunteer activists in unions, campuses, congregations and communities are building up strong, successful projects and networks. Provides information on direct actions, building coalitions and leadership, media outreach and how to challenge the rules of global trade, white supremacy, sweatshops and more. 324 pages. US$15.95. Contact United for a Fair Economy, 37 Temple Place 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02111; phone (617) 423-2148; fax (617) 423-0191; email; Web site

*Resources for Radicals, 4th Edition, 2002* Brian Burch, Toronto Action for Social Change. Provides an extensive bibliography of print resources for those involved in movements for social transformation. Topics include globalization, pacifism, co-operatives, feminism, the roots of violence in the Middle East, consensus-decision making, community gardening, union organizing, humanism, anarchism, ecology, aboriginal rights, urban renewal, music for social change, faith-based activism, credit unions, anti-racism, alternative media and more. Can$12, US$13; US$15 for rest of the world. Contact Toronto Action for Social Change P.O. Box 73620, 509 St. Clair Ave. West, Toronto, Ontario M6C 1C0, Canada; phone (416) 651-5800; email

*Save Our Environment Web site* Coalition of 21 major U.S. environmental advocacy organizations, including Audubon, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, State PIRGS and WWF. Web site provides background information and action resources–such as direct emails addressed to law-makers and sample letters to editors–on a variety of issues, including global warming, urban sprawl, pollution, endangered species, the U.S. clean water act and other U.S. environmental laws and more. Search tool covers all 21 of the coalition’s Web sites, including relevant articles, press releases and more. Contact Save Our Environment; email; Web site

We encourage those interested in having resources listed in the PANUPS Resource Pointer to send review copies of publications, videos or other resources to our office.

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