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Resource Pointer #320 (Organic Gardens and Landscapes)
April 30, 2003

For copies of the following resources, please contact the appropriate publishers or organizations directly.

*Online Organic Land Care Training Course* Gaia College Inc, co-sponsored by Society of Organic Urban Land Care Professionals (SOUL) and Burnaby Continuing Education. Certificate course in “Organic Land Care” entitled “Working with Nature” covers plant and soil ecology, healthy landscape design, construction and maintenance, environmental conditions that lead to pests, diseases and other landscape problems and alternatives to pesticide use. Online courses available in cooperative email study groups beginning every 3 months, lasting 32 weeks, with 6-8 hours of work per week (next starting date is June 15) or by independent study with more flexible timelines (beginning at any point after May 1). Coop study fees: Can$900. Independent study fees: Can$800. Other costs apply. Contact Organic Land Care; email; Web site

*The Cutting Edge eNewsletter* Published by email 8-10 times per year by Seeds of Change, an organic seed and gardening company. Provides information about seeds and tools, updates on organic research, gardening tips, book reviews, news and events, interviews with leading voicing in the organic movement and letters from readers. Most recent issue, #33, features seed starting. Free. Contact Seeds of Change, P.O. Box 15700, Santa Fe, NM 87592; phone (888) 762-7333; email; Web site

*Growing for Market Magazine* Published monthly by Lynn Byczynski, gardener, editor and publisher. Guide for market growers of produce, herbs and cut flowers. Provides practical tips on choosing suppliers, economizing costs, and marketing products. 16 pages. Yearly subscriptions: US$30 in the U.S., US$33 in Canada, US$40 for rest of world. Contact Growing for Market, PO Box 3747, Lawrence, KS 66046; phone (800) 307-8949; fax (785) 748-0609; email; Web site

*Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties: The Gardener’s and Farmer’s Guide to Plant Breeding and Seed Saving, 2000* Carol Deppe. Provides a practical guide to plant breeding. Includes sections on: why every gardener should be a plant breeder, stories of three amateurs and what they’ve done, how much space and time you need, selection basics, genetics and plant parenthood, modern genes, wild crosses, happy accidents, domesticating wild plants, breeding for specific traits and vegetables and seed saving. 384 pages. US$27.95, UK$19.95. Contact Chelsea Green Publishing Company, PO Box 428, White River Junction, VY 05001; phone (800) 639-4099; Web site

*The New Organic Grower: A Master’s Manual of Tools and Techniques for the Home and Market Gardener: A Gardener’s Supply Book, 1995* Eliot Coleman. Provides a practical guide to growing and marketing organic produce. Includes tips on maintaining soil fertility, portable greenhouse construction, winter gardens, non-toxic pest management, crop rotations, tillage, transplants and more. 340 pages. US$24.95. Contact Chelsea Green Publishing Company, PO Box 428, White River Junction, VY 05001; phone (800) 639-4099; Web site

Acknowledgement: The last three resources were previously reviewed in the resource, Seeds of Change, The Cutting Edge eNewsletter, #32, February 5, 2003.

We encourage those interested in having resources listed in the PANUPS Resource Pointer to send review copies of publications, videos or other resources to our office.

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