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Resource Pointer #373 (Corporate Accountability)
September 21, 2004

*Dow Chemical, Risks for Investors, 2004* Innovest Strategic Value Advisors. Discusses the under-reported liabilities and challenges facing Dow Chemical and the resulting risks for shareholders. Available as a free download at Contact Innovest Strategic Value Investors, Four Times Square, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10036 USA; phone (212) 421-2000; fax (212) 421-9663.

*Gangs of America, The Rise of Corporate Power and the Disabling of Democracy, 2004* Ted Nace. Charts the evolution of corporate power from British trading companies to the World Trade Organization. 281 pages. $24.95. Contact Berrett-Koehler Publishers,235 Montgomery St, Suite 650, San Francisco, CA 94104; fax (415)362.2512; website

*Driving Dangerously, The truth about DOW, 2004* Lisa Rimmer. Examines the performance of one of the world';s largest companies. Uses case studies from around the world to illustrate how Dow is lacking in social and environmental responsibility. Available for free. 36 pages. Contact PANNA, 49 Powell St. Suite 500; phone (415) 981-1771; fax (415) 981-1991; website

*Don't Be Fooled, The Ten Worst Greenwashers of 2003, 2004* The Green Life. Examines the ten worst greenwasher of 2003 including Monsanto, Starbucks and the Environmental Protection Agency. Available for free download at Contact The Green Life 29 Temple Place, Boston, MA 02111; phone (877) 327-8446; email [email protected].

*Sickness and Wealth, The Corporate Assault on Global Health, 2004* Meridith Fort, Mary Anne Mercer and Oscar Gish (editors). Looks at the connections between health, politics and globalization. Discusses the ways in which projects implemented by the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, and other first world interests drastically limit access to medical care, and essentially sentence millions to disease and premature death. $18. 250 pages. Contact South End Press 7 Brookline Street #1, Cambridge, MA 02139-4146; phone (617) 547-4002; fax (617) 547-1333; email [email protected]; website

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