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Resource Pointer #375 (Justice for Bhopal)
Decmber 08, 2004

For copies of the following resources, please contact the appropriate publishers or organizations directly.

*Twenty Years Without Justice: The Bhopal Chemical Disaster, 2004*Video. Sanford Lewis, Producer, Strategic Video for International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal (ICJB). Depicts the multiple injustices that the people of Bhopal have endured since the 1984 disastrous gas leak at the Union Carbide pesticide plant, and current efforts to bring Union Carbide and its parent company, Dow Chemical, to justice. Running time 16 minutes. Available for viewing on the internet,, or contact Students for Bhopal, website, email: [email protected].

*Bhopal Express, 2004*Video. Mahesh Mathai, Director. Highlight Films. The tragedy of the Bhopal disaster is revealed through the fictional experiences a foreman at the Carbide plant, his wife Tara and their friend Bashir. The film explores the events leading up to the disaster, relives the crucial moment of the gas leak, the devastation left in its wake and the Union Carbide Corporation’s refusal to accept responsibility for the tragedy. Running time 100 minutes. Contact: Highlight Films website

*Litigating Disaster, 2004*Video, Llan Ziv, Director. Point Du Jour. Explores the battle for justice after the worst chemical disaster of all time, through a fictionalized trial. Presents interviews with former Union Carbide officers, scenes around the abandoned plant, and documentary evidence. Running time 52 minutes. Contact Icarus Films, 32 Court St. 21st Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201, 781 488-8900.

*We are not Flowers, We are Flames! 2004*Photo Exhibit, Raghu Rai and Maude Dorr. Documents both the horror of the disaster at Bhopal and the perseverance and determination of those who survived to demand justice, corporate accountability, and their basic human right to an environment free of chemical poisons. Touring the U.S. and available for exhibition, Thumbnails of the complete exhibit are available at, Contact Students for Bhopal, email: [email protected].

*Flames Not Flowers, Bhopal Hip-Hop, 2004*HipHop,Terry Allan, performed by Movement in Motion. The story of the 20-year struggle of some of the world’s poorest people against the biggest chemical company in the world. CD $5. Contact Students for Bhopal,, email: [email protected].

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