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August 17, 2005

comingNow On Friday, August 19th, Pesticide Action Network North America will be featured in a segment on NOW, an award winning television news magazine hosted by David Brancaccio on the U.S. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Titled “The Perils of Pesticides,” the segment focuses on the problems of pesticide drift for people living and working in agricultural areas, and work that PAN and many of our partner groups and allies are doing to stop pesticide drift.

Check your local listings for channels and times. We encourage you to invite friends and family members who aren’t familiar with Pesticide Action Network to tune in. This is a great opportunity to share your concern about the dangers of pesticides with your community. Invite your friends over for a viewing party and help us spread the word!

Here is how NOW describes “The Perils of Pesticides”:

“As more and more homes are being built close to farmland, some Americans have found themselves living in what concerned citizens have described as a “toxic soup” of pesticides. With spraying accidents that have left children sick and with questions about the long-term effects of pesticide exposure, some residents believe that regulators have done too little to protect them. NOW goes on the ground in California farm country, the most productive agricultural land in the world, to report on the strict pesticide regulations that officials there say are sometimes hard to enforce and to examine the efforts of local communities to protect their own backyards from pesticide drift.”

Read more about pesticide drift, PAN and our work to stop pesticide air pollution at

Find out when NOW will be airing on your local PBS station [ ]. If you are in a country where NOW is not broadcast, in-depth information on the pesticide segment can be found online at
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