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New Hampshire considers cosmetic pesticide ban

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Back in March, we reported in PANUPS on the New Hampshire state legislature's plan to “study the effects of a moratorium on the use of…pesticides and herbicides…in residential neighborhoods, school properties, playgrounds, and other places children congregate.” The plan was inspired by bans on cosmetic pesticide use that have been enacted in cities and provences across Canada over the last few years.

In a blog post earlier this week, Paul Tukey, maker of the film A Chemical Reaction and founder of, reported on the latest news from the state:

New Hampshire Poised for State-Wide Ban on Pesticides on Public Property

After months of contentious debate within a legislative committee, Representative Suzanne Smith has now taken the next step in the legislative process to regulate the use of lawn care pesticides by drafting the Lawn and Grounds for Healthy Children Act.

The Act proposes a gradual phase out of the use of certain lawn and grounds care pesticides applied on the grounds of child day care agencies, schools, municipally-owned properties, and state parks. The bill also provides for transitional planning, training of certified applicators, and education.

Karl Tupper
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