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Kristin Schafer
Dec 21, 2021
This blog is the first in a three-part series highlighting some of what I’ve seen and learned during 25 years of advocacy at PAN. These storytelling pieces are a bit longer than PAN’s usual blogs; parts two and three will be posted before my departure early next year.  - Kristin As I look back on two and a half decades of work with PAN, I see one very clear through-line: aggressive industry efforts, year after year, to block any and all initiatives that threaten their bottom line. These efforts look different in different arenas, but the playbook is the same: cozy up to those with... Read More
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Pesticide Actio...
Dec 20, 2021
On International Day of No Pesticide Use, December 3, Pesticide Action Network (PAN) and our partners from around the world delivered over 187,300 petition signatures from more than 107 countries to United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)’s Director-General Qu Dongyu. The petition demanded an end to the partnership between FAO and CropLife International, the global trade association representing agrochemical companies. For over a year, you’ve been hearing about our Stop the #ToxicAlliance campaign, co-coordinated by PAN North America Co-Organizing Director Simone Adler and PAN... Read More
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Rob Faux
Dec 14, 2021
This is my second year working with the Pesticide Action Network during the end of year giving period that so many non-profit organizations, including PAN, rely on to make their work possible in the coming months. I have been on "both sides of the ball" now and I fully understand how everyone feels when they get yet another appeal for money. However, I also recognize that this IS the season when more people are willing to make a contribution. And, I have also learned that an organization that fails to ask for support will not get it. So, here I am — reminding us all to be patient while the... Read More
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Pesticide Actio...
Dec 07, 2021
It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that PAN Board member David Chatfield passed away on Saturday, December 4. We send our condolences to David’s wife Jo Ann, and all in his extended family and community who will miss him dearly. David joined PAN’s Board in the fall of 2018 (for the second time!). As he shared below in a 2019 interview to mark PAN’s 35th anniversary, he was also on our founding board from 1984-1997, and played a key role in the establishment of both the global network and the North America office of PAN. A lifelong activist and champion for social justice, David... Read More
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Pesticide Actio...
Dec 02, 2021
We recently chatted with PAN Asia Pacific’s communications officer Ilang-Ilang Quijano, based in Manila, Philippines, to learn more about her background, current work, and vision for the future of food and farming. Enjoy! How long have you been involved with PAN? What were you doing before? I have been PAN Asia Pacific’s communications officer since 2019. Before that, I was working as an editor and multimedia producer for Altermidya, a non-profit media organization in the Philippines covering social movements. What brought you to your work with PAN? Do you have a background in food... Read More
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Ahna Kruzic
Dec 02, 2021
Agriculture is political. I think about it often, and I’m thinking about it especially as I visit family and friends back home in Iowa, one of the many chemical-intensive agriculture “bellies of the beast.” I see representations of the politics of food and agriculture everywhere — from a landscape blanketed in monocropped corn and soy, to billboards and other signage featuring messages about farmers “feeding the world.” So, how is that political? Agriculture is political in the obvious ways — the people we elect make laws relating to everything from food access, nutrition programs, crop... Read More
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Pesticide Actio...
Dec 02, 2021
After a brief attempt in 2020, the Protect America’s Children from Toxic Pesticides Act (PACTPA) was re-introduced by Senator Cory Booker on November 23 of this year, and PAN is among the organizations that support its passage!  This bill would overhaul U.S. pesticide regulations, ultimately mandating new rules to protect people and the environment. PAN Senior Scientist Margaret Reeves says it best: The science is crystal clear.  These chemicals are putting our health, environment and food supply at risk and we must help farmers move away from them. [This] bill puts science,... Read More
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Asha Sharma
Nov 16, 2021
As California is one of the states in which PAN does on-the-ground campaign work, we send out regular updates on PAN and partners' work in California and beyond — from pesticide-related science to opportunities to take action. If you'd like to receive these updates via email, sign up here. California PAN Supporters, I hope this update finds you well as the days get shorter! We’ve been hard at work the past few months continuing to fight for the equitable and ecologically-sound food and farming systems we all want to see. While the state legislature has been in recess, our... Read More
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