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Oct 27, 2020
From Senegal to Iowa, from the Philippines to Hawai'i, farmers explore the origin story of GE seeds, the implications, and how we’re fighting for food sovereignty in Seed Keepers and Truth Tellers. This animated short video, a collaboration between PAN North America and Hawai'i Alliance for Progressive Action (HAPA), in partnership with PAN Asia Pacific, will premiere on Tuesday, November 17th. Just as farmers, workers, and weed scientists predicted when the floodgates first opened for GM seeds, weed resistance to the herbicides that GM seeds are modified to withstand is accelerating fast.... Read More
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Zoe Hollomon
Oct 27, 2020
Hi everyone — Willa here. I’m both excited and sad to share with y’all that after three years leading our Minnesota team, I’m stepping into a new role at PAN — launching and organizing a new state-to-state policy project that will take learnings from our work in Minnesota, Iowa, and California to build partnerships with communities in other states!  Organizing alongside Minnesotans for health and justice in our food system has been one of the biggest joys of my life, truly! To those I’ve seen at conferences, met at your farms, and worked with building power at the Capitol — thank you. I... Read More
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Kyle Powys Whyte
Oct 26, 2020
PAN board member Kyle Powys Whyte is Professor of Environment and Sustainability and George Willis Pack Professor at the University of Michigan. Here, Kyle shares thoughts and reflections around the value of biodiversity, the importance of food for vibrant communities, and the impact of COVID-19 on Indigenous peoples. The United Nations reminds us that Indigenous peoples’ territories are home to 80% of the world’s biodiversity. I would encourage everyone to learn more about the actions that Indigenous peoples are taking globally to make change and transformation. When we say that Indigenous... Read More
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Oct 15, 2020
The United Nations’ landmark 2009 International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) convened experts from around the world to investigate how agriculture can most effectively reduce hunger and poverty, improve rural livelihoods, and protect human health.  The IAASTD report, published a decade ago, concluded that addressing these challenges required a fundamental about-face, including stronger, enforceable regulations to reduce resource-extractive agriculture. The report notably named agroecology as providing some of the most robust... Read More
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Kristin Schafer
Oct 15, 2020
Earlier this week the government of Switzerland announced that it will no longer allow exports of five pesticides that have long been banned in their own country due to known health and environmental harms. Given that pesticide industry giant Syngenta is based in Switzerland, this is incredibly significant — and very, very good news. The decision comes after increasing pressure from Pesticide Action Network (PAN) partner groups in Europe to stop allowing this egregious double standard in pesticide trade. Switzerland-based Public Eye has been particularly focused on the issue over the past... Read More
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Rob Faux
Oct 14, 2020
Iowa is one of the states in which PAN does on-the-ground campaign work.  We send out regular updates on PAN and partners' work in Iowa and beyond — from pesticide-related science to opportunities to take action. If you'd like to receive these updates via email, sign up here.   State updates Why should you vote?: As PAN’s Communications Associate in Iowa, you might expect me to answer this question by saying I want you to vote for people you think will support our initiatives to stop drift, support a working and just food system, and promote sustainable... Read More
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Oct 01, 2020
On Tuesday November 17, PAN and our partners at Hawai’i Alliance for Progressive Action (HAPA) will launch the video Seed Keepers and Truth Tellers: From the Frontlines of GM Agriculture. This animated short, launching in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, shines a bright light on how fragile and unjust so many of our interconnected global systems are. The video focuses on genetically modified (GM, also known as GMO) seeds and the story of their global impacts. A truly global story Many who are acutely impacted by COVID-19 — food- and farmworkers laboring in close proximity with few... Read More
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Sep 29, 2020
We're all aware that fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. But, some of that produce carries pesticide residues that can be harmful to our health and the health of our children.  Recent analysis of US Department of Agriculture data by Consumer Reports shows that some of the produce we are eating carries a high risk of contamination. The August 27 article, “Stop Eating Pesticides,” shows conventionally-produced potatoes, green beans, cherries and peaches to be among those items most likely to carry harmful levels of pesticide residue. On the other hand, when... Read More
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