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Iowa Updates: July 2020

State updates

Protect our pollinators — report drift: As we move toward the end of July, Iowa enters high season for insecticide and fungicide application on corn and soybean fields. The drone of spray planes and the high-pitched whine of highboy spraying rigs will become commonplace, and the heavy late-July air will be tinged with the sickly-sweet smell of airborne particles released into our environment by imprecise application methods.

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In win for farmers, court blocks dicamba use

Last week, a federal appeals court ruled that the herbicide dicamba could no longer be used in “over the top” applications on soy and cotton.  

In a win for farmers across the country, the court found that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had approved new uses of this old, drift-prone herbicide without appropriately evaluating the damage the drift-prone chemical would cause to neighboring farms.

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