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Eating Local (‘Ai Pono) on Kaua’i

In traditional Hawaiian times, people that lived in Village settings were prepared for skilled pathways of cultivating food sources beginning in the early years of their lives. The traditions and cultural ways of being are centered on the care of the places and the sources of the food that is gathered.

Lorilani Keohokalole
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I dream of a better USDA

The season of paperwork, repairs and planning starts at our farm during the weeks immediately following Thanksgiving. It is also the point when we have a little more time to interact with other farmers. This is our opportunity to talk about successes, failures and future plans with people who have the experience to appreciate what we do.

Rob Faux
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Honoring women farmers

Let's take a moment to honor the women who run about a third of our country's farms. They're also often leading the way in developing more resilient practices, farming on smaller pieces of land, incorporating more crop diversity and growing food for their communities.

I had the privilege of speaking with four such farmers who exemplify the strength of women-led agriculture across the U.S.

Anna Guth
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Ahem. We said "No fast track"

Here they go again. Congress is once again considering “fast track” approval of the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. Fast track means no public hearings, no floor debate, no amendments — no civic engagement whatsoever.

The stakes are high. The TPP would be the largest trade deal in history, covering 792 million people and about 40% of the world’s economy. If fast track is approved, rules affecting food and farming — among many other sectors — will be negotiated completely behind closed doors.

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