Faezeh Mokhtari | Pesticide Action Network
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Faezeh Mokhtari

Grassroots Science Intern

Faezeh was born in Isfahan, a historical city in Iran with diverse plants, beautiful creeks, and the biggest river in central Iran. She enjoyed her time in her grandfather’s gardens during holidays and summer. Here, she found out how much she loved plants and as a child she was pained to see plants in ill health. To achieve her dream of helping plants and making their lives healthy, she studied agricultural engineering. Eventually she moved to Tehran and worked as an agricultural engineer. Her husband and she moved to Stanford, California, about 6 years ago to start a new life in a new country. Faezeh likes to work with plants and conduct research to find plant-friendly natural solutions to pest problems. Through her internship at PAN, Faezeh is taking another step toward her dream. Faezeh loves animals and flowers; she enjoys gardening, research, hiking, biking and cooking.