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Moretta Browne

Farmer Justice Fellow Moretta Browne
Farmer Justice Fellow

Moretta Browne is a transplant from Richmond, Virginia, where she earned her B.A in Advertising through Virginia Commonwealth University in 2012. It is her late grandfather who she credits with motivating her to rethink her relationship to the land. It was then in 2012 that she joined Renew Richmond, a “501c3 that uses urban agriculture as a tool to mitigate poverty in underserved Richmond, VA, communities”. She spent four years at Renew Richmond as a Volunteer Coordinator, helping to cultivate two plots of land full of seasonal vegetables and herbs with the support of community volunteers. From 2016-2017, she completed two seasons at the Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) at UC Santa Cruz. In addition to learning and teaching how to cultivate the land there, she co-facilitated and participated in the Farmers of the Global Majority (formerly known as the POC Network) and the Queer Farmer Collective. As PAN's Farmer Justice Fellow in Berkeley, she is excited to meet and share the stories of farmers of color in the area, support the work of the California Farmer Justice Collaborative and continue her learning of ag policy in California.