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Container with bell peppers before dicamba

Good news, bad news: dicamba use halted, not halted

A February 6 court decision directed that the use of dicamba be halted for over-the-top (OTT) applications on soybeans and cotton. However, the EPA is allowing the use of existing stock of dicamba under the old use-label guidelines for the 2024 growing season.

Each person on our staff or sitting on our Board of Directors brings something unique to our work and values. In embracing how this individuality makes us stronger, we’re embarking on a series of blogs, People of PAN, which will highlight the unique characteristics that build upon one another to make PAN the organization it is today.

Agroecology embraces the Precautionary Principle by encouraging alternative practices to pesticide reliant farm and food systems. Agroecology seeks to protect human health and the environment, while still providing opportunities to harvest enough to feed our communities and have successful farms.

depiction of a group of diverse individuals beneath text that reads "community building"

Community building: Difficult but worth it

At the beginning of 2023, my intention for the year was to “build community.” At the time, it felt very simple. I wanted to dig my roots deeper into my community. My goals were to make more friends, grow my network, and spend intentional time

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Real Ag's the Pesticide Puzzle

The Pesticide Puzzle

PAN is pleased to share The Pesticide Puzzle, a Smoky Hills PBS production, directed by Max Aguiar, which aired as part of the Real Ag series on December 8. The production features PAN Senior Scientist Marcia Ishii, PAN Communications Manager (and farmer) Rob Faux, and

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diverse harvest in a truck - agroecology

A new year and renewed effort for agroecology

A farm that implements the principles of agroecology is one that embraces complexity.  That complexity often comes in the form of transitions, moving from planting to cultivation to harvest.  These farms are prepared to work with whatever the land and the weather brings to them. 

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