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UN Climate Conference COP28: Agroecology must be a priority

PAN International is joining with frontline communities at the UN Climate Conference (COP28) to fight for agroecology, the right solution to address climate change.

It is difficult to understand the dangers chlorpyrifos poses to those who are regularly exposed to it, until you have personal experience. Chlorpyrifos is dangerous and it drifts easily and residue on our food is dangerous for children. This is why it is important for the EPA to re-establish the chlorpyrifos ban on food and feed products and extend that ban to all uses.

Sparrow on farm

Treated seeds have got to go

Earlier this week, we announced that, with our partners at Center for Food Safety, we’re suing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for failing to regulate insecticide-coated seeds. Just because these pesticides aren’t applied as a spray doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous.

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used up farm

An old, radical idea – farm well

Many make the mistake of thinking that the battle to farm well has just begun, even when there is plenty of evidence that many of the techniques of growing that would be better for our world have been discussed and promoted for generations.

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Pesticide spray farm

Webinar Recording: The Problem with Pesticides

Watch the recording of The Problem with Pesticides, a discussion hosted by Real Food Media featuring PAN Senior Scientist Emily Marquez and partners from the Center for Biological Diversity, US Right to Know, and Hawai’i Alliance for Progressive Action.

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