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The genie is sneaking out of the bottle

Summer’s here, and it’s been 6 months since cancer-causing methyl iodide was approved for use in California agriculture. It’s only been in the past few weeks, however, that we’ve actually seen this incredibly dangerous chemical used in the fields of California. 

Late last month, a farm in Sanger became the first in California to use the fumigant pesticide. Neighboring communities responded with a rally and demonstration outside the Fresno County Agriculture Commissioner’s office, demanding public health protections based on sound science, not corporate influence. "Today's message to all California regulators is clear: Do your job, protect public health and support farmers' transition away from toxic pesticides" said Sarah Sharpe, environmental health director of Fresno Metro Ministry.

The message appears to have fallen on deaf ears. A few short weeks later, yet another application of methyl iodide took place in Fresno county. In response, PAN and our partners are asking supporters to take part in a state-wide call-in day to Governor Brown’s office. 

Take Action » If you’re a Californian, please join us in calling on Gov. Brown to reverse the methyl iodide decision, before any more of this cancer-causing chemical gets in the ground – and likely into the state’s groundwater.    

Today, from 12:00-12:30pm PST, our partners over at MomsRising will be hosting a facebook chat event with PAN’s Kathryn Gilje available to answer any questions you might have on methyl iodide and how we can come together to stop its use. You can share your questions on PAN’s Facebook page, and we'll make sure they get answered.  

We know that two uses of methyl iodide is two too many but while the news may be disheartening, the battle is far from lost: Governor Brown has agreed to “take a fresh look” at methyl iodide, EPA is actively considering our petition to ban methyl iodide nationally, and 35+ CA legislators have signed on to this ask. We can stop methyl iodide in its tracks, but only if we stand together in demanding leadership from the Brown administration.


Picture of Pesticide Action Network

Pesticide Action Network

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