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Responsibly grown, farmworker assured

This week, the Equitable Food Initiative (EFI) unveiled the “trustmark” or logo that will be included on all produce certified to be “responsibly grown, farmworker assured.”

Likely to hit grocery store shelves later this year, EFI-certified produce is grown according to rigorous standards for fair working conditions, pest management and food safety. And all along the way, in the development of both the standards and the trustmark, diverse groups — representing farmworkers, farmers, retailers and consumers — have been present at the table. PAN is proud to be among them.

As EFI project director Peter O’Driscoll said, EFI-certified food is a way to support broader change toward sustainable farming — including safe and healthy conditions for those who grow it.

“We hope this new label will enable consumers to find ‘equitable food’ in their retail outlets, and to use their purchasing power to encourage growers and retailers to join the effort to make our food system safer and fairer for all of us.”

efiSo far, EFI has piloted the program on several farms, training farmworkers and teams on how to maintain the rigorous standards. Earlier this year, the first farms were EFI certified.

With certified produce on its way shortly, the trustmark is expected to make its grocery store debut within a few months. And as systems are tested and verified, the number of participating farms is expected to grow rapidly.

Keep an eye out!

Want to learn more about EFI? Visit www.equitablefood.net.

Picture of Pesticide Action Network

Pesticide Action Network

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