Pesticide Action Network

Pesticide Action Network

Voting: It matters!

While it may seem that corporate influence has captured our democracy, the simple fact is that who is in office really does matter. Our collective actions over the next week will have profound effects on what kind of changemaking is possible in the coming years.

Analysts point to races across the country — including the tight presidential contest — that hinge on voter turnout. Those who want to see a safer, more sustainable future need to show up at the polls and make our voices heard.

From local to state to national races, choices at the ballot box will influence public debate and decisionmaking on the nature of our food system, the reach of corporations and the quality of our children’s health.

If you’re in California, you’ll have a say on GE labeling in a vote that’s being closely watched across the country — especially by seed and pesticide giants like Monsanto. In Ohio or Florida? You’ve been relentlessly courted by the presidential candidates in the final weeks of the campaign — and your voice matters.

Around the country, we will cast ballots selecting leaders from local school boards to the Senate. Having the right people in office doesn’t guarantee progress, but it does make it possible.

Get out the vote» Use the tool below to find your polling place, or see the additional tools we've gathered to support you, along with friends and family, to cast your ballot. Happy voting!



Pesticide Action Network

Pesticide Action Network

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