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Here’s a leadership opportunity, Mr. Regan

Update: Just last week, EPA announced a ban on all food uses of chlorpyrifos! Though the decision is not perfect — and we’ll continue pressing for phaseout of all remaining, non-food uses of this dangerous chemical — this is a huge milestone that protects the health of millions of children, farmworkers and families. Next up, we’ll continue pushing for the EPA to do the right thing by following the science and standing up to corporate influence.

Kristin Schafer
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Guest blog: Land access for all

The land on which we grow and forage food is a complex ecosystem that supports and sustains us; how we view ourselves in relationship to the land influences how we interact with it. In modern Western culture, land is viewed as something to be owned and used, rather than as an entity in its own right — a member of our community that works with us.

Shannon Walz