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CropLife wants more influence at FAO, activists push back

In mid-February, internal government emails revealed behind-the-scenes lobbying efforts on the part of CropLife America urging US officials to pressure Mexico to abandon its recently announced plans to ban glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s (now Bayer’s) flagship weedkiller Roundup. 

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The dangers of treated seeds, realized

Early this year, the Guardian reported that residents of Mead, Nebraska — a tiny town of 600 near Omaha — were getting sick, and also noticing livestock and bee fatalities. The cause? All signs point to AltEn, a neighboring ethanol plant found to be processing thousands of pounds of unused pesticide-treated corn seed from all across the country.

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Listen: Farmer Rob Faux on dicamba drift

Rob Faux, Iowa farmer and PAN Communications Associate, was invited by Food Sleuth Radio host and registered dietitian Melinda Hemmelgarn to join in a conversation about diversified farms and the role chemical-intensive agriculture plays in limiting alternative crop production. In addition to his work at PAN, Faux owns and operates the Genuine Faux Farm near Tripoli, Iowa, where he produces a wide variety of certified organic produce for his community.