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Protecting bees and their keepers in Minnesota

Erin Rupp is the founder and executive director of Pollinate Minnesota, an education and advocacy organization working toward a better Minnesota for pollinators and people. PAN Organizer Willa Childress recently chatted with Erin about the challenges beekeepers face in our current farming system and the exciting pollinator work progressing in the state.

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Locust control campaigns spark health concerns

As East African farmers and communities scramble to cope with swarms of desert locusts this spring, they are also raising concerns about the impacts of the widespread use of pesticides to control them. 

Locust swarms are moving through several countries in the region, including Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania and Uganda. The threat to food security in the region is very real — in one day, a single swarm can destroy crops that would feed 35,000 people.

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Guest Blog: Herbicide-free on campus and beyond

For the last few years, Herbicide-Free Campus has been in the weeds, literally, working to eliminate herbicides on campuses across the country. In 2019, University of California (UC) President Janet Napolitano temporarily banned glyphosate at all 10 UC campuses, and established a UC Herbicide Task Force to provide recommendations moving forward.

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Celebrating democracy, protecting our keiki

Last month, PAN Executive Director Kristin Schafer attended the opening day of the state legislature in Hawai’i. She joined our Protect Our Keiki coalition partners and hundreds of people from across the islands — including busloads of students — who came to meet up with their legislators, take part in workshops, and participate in traditional cultural practices, including pounding poi. 

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New study: Exposure to common pesticide increases risk of death

New research from University of Iowa has some sobering findings on the impacts of exposure to pyrethroids. The study found that people with the highest exposure to the widely used pesticides were three times more likely to die from cardiovascular disease — and 56% more likely to die from any cause within the study's follow-up period — than those with low or no exposure.

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