EPA revolving door

EPA’s revolving door

It’s no secret that the chemical industry holds undue influence over regulatory processes in the US – corporations wield incredible power in agency processes to create the guidelines that are supposed to protect the health

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Supporting pollinators with lawn diversity

Pollinator Week happens once each year and I always hope to write one or two articles for PAN to get the word out that we can and must support our pollinators. But, as a steward of a small-scale, diversified farm, I can’t afford to think

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Bee pollinate flower

Pollinators and policy in Minnesota

This Pollinator Week, Minnesota Organizing Co-Director Zoe Hollomon, lobbyist Chris Cowen, and partner Erin Rupp of Pollinate Minnesota are shedding light on the legislative wins that target pesticides and pollinators, and impact the farmers, beekeepers,

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Stripetail Hoverfly is a pollinator for Goldenrod

Appreciation for different pollinators

For Pollinator Week we are exploring some less well known invertebrates and their powers of pollination. Hoverflies, hawkmoths, soldier beetles and green bees all provide pollinator services and deserve our support and respect.

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