agroecology webinar

Agroecology Webinar Recordings: Farmers’ pathways to liberation from pesticides

Recordings, with subtitles in three languages, of a webinar hosted by Pesticide Action Network (PAN) International. Hear farmers from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and North America sharing their experiences and successes in agroecology. This proven approach to farming — grounded in principles of equity, collectivity, and food sovereignty — has enabled farmers around the world to replace dependence on highly hazardous pesticides with healthy, resilient food and farming systems that nourish their communities, ecosystems, and the planet. In addition, PANNA has produced a short (9+ minute) video featuring highlights from the full-length webinar, including excerpts from each of the speakers and a narrative summary of their key points.

Highlights from the Farmers’ Pathways webinar (9 minutes, English only):




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