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Rob Faux

Rob Faux
Iowa Communications Associate

Rob owns and operates the Genuine Faux Farm, a diversified produce and poultry operation near Tripoli, Iowa. Rob and his spouse, Tammy, have been committed to organic and sustainable practices while producing food for local consumption since 2004. An improperly targeted aerial pesticide application in 2012 placed Rob in a position where he could effectively use his farm story to advocate for positive changes in policy and practice with respect to pesticides in Iowa. Bringing several years of informal volunteer and advocacy experience through organizations such as Practical Farmers of Iowa, Iowa Farmers Union and the Iowa Organic Association, Rob joined the PAN team in 2020. Rob was born and raised in Iowa, returning after working and pursuing further education elsewhere. In a former life, Rob earned doctoral degrees in Computer Science and Adult Education and has worked as a post-secondary educator in the field of Computer Science.